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An Interview With Gareth Kelly From GURT and WHEN PLANETS COLLIDE

UK Party Doom/Sludge Metallers GURT released their latest album SKULLOSSUS originally back in May 2017. I missed it first time round though I've corrected that mistake by (finally) reviewing the album today. Which you can read here.

I was given the chance to speak to Gareth Kelly (Lead Vocals) from GURT where we discussed the making of the new album, future plans for GURT and the fantastic Promotions Company/Record Label – When Planets Collide – that he also runs.

Gareth is a very busy person and I'm pleased he agreed to do this interview.

Skullossus was released last year. Were you please with the initial reviews the album received. As it’s received some great press recently over the last few weeks.

Yes, we were over the moon with the press received, we have had some great feedback but the icing on the cake was getting 4 K's in Kerrang! very chuffed with that one.

It seems a lot more people are discovering the album now and not when it was released. What’s happening. Have people been waking up to the power of GURT. Or was it lost under a ton of great albums released at the same time.

I have no idea, you tell me!? It was certainly sent out into the world and we put a hell of a lot of work into getting it in front of as many people as possible just recently we have starting on more press as we have a lot planned for 2018 and thought is was a good idea to remind you all we are still here, plus we recently released a video for 'Broken Heart heroin Man' so that seemed to help peak peoples interest again who may have missed it first time round!

What can people expect from your latest album.

its more varied than our previous efforts and we have just done what felt right, we never try to follow what is popular at the time and we all have such varied music tastes nothing ever comes out the same each time. Expect Doomy, punky, poppy, sludgy, riffy, party vibes I guess!

Did you do anything differently when recording this album compared to your previous album.

Not mostly really which is where we can improve, this time round we are taking our time a bit more and not rushing too much as we always try to get a release a year out and it sometimes puts us under unnecessary pressure. we recorded it with Steve Sears (Titan Studio, Watford) this time which we have done on our previous 2 EP's too, and he knows us so well now he knows how to get the best out of us. So we don't see us looking for someone else when it comes to album number 3.

Was it a more easier experience recording for Skullossus.

Yes, for sure. we were a lot more relaxed about the whole thing and loads of ideas formed whilst in the studio which is something that has happened quite a bit since we have been recording with Steve. Although the songs were mostly written before entering the studio there were a number of little unique parts that did not happen until we started in the studio, the best example is the saxophone in 'Jon Gar Seeya Later' that was not originally written in to the song and was a mad cap idea that evolved during the recording process and then we called a friend who played Sax and she came in on the last day and nailed the solo! We were very happy indeed.

GURT are celebrating their 8th year as a band this year. Are you going to do anything special for that landmark. Or is it business as usual.

As with every year we always have lots planned but nothing special to celebrate 8 years, we have to wait for a big number like 10! We have decided to start writing again and all going well will break our trend of doing splits and EP's between albums and just get on and try an get Album No. 3 out ASAP...

Did you ever expect that GURT would last that long.

We take every day as it comes, just happy to be playing with best mates in a band that wipes the floor with most other shite out there! But we have outlived a hell of other bands that we have shared the stage with over the years so must be doing something right.

What have been your high points and low points during that time.

Loads high and not so many low, The best has to be the 2014 Euro tour, having Dopethrone as our best mates. Playing with Red Fang in the Black Heart and playing Bloodstock twice on the SOPHIE stage!

Looking back would you do anything differently.

Of course not, every single person that is or has been in GURT (7 of us over the 8 years) are best friends and we have always done exactly what we want and what we all agree on. If someone is not happy with something then we do not do it. Being in a band should always be about having fun and doing what makes you happy with it never being a chore which is what we have maintained all this time, and may explain why we are still going strong!

Will GURT be touring heavily this year or even record and release new material.

Touring is going to be a thing but not "heavily", this first part of the year is about us getting some material together and seeing what happens with that, we have lots of plans over the Summer which some of which has already been unveiled but as always it will be a productive 2018.

You’re also involved in running When Planets Collide. How is that going. Are you still releasing records and putting on gigs with WPC.

Its all going really well, my day job has meant that a lot of changes have been and are coming in my life so it is always a hobby and cannot dedicate all my time to it, but I have moved from the Windmill in Brixton to the Unicorn and Black Heart in Camden having put 2 shows on in 2017 and a recent revamp of the 'Winter warmer' in January this year at the BH. That was the best show I have ever done so shall be returning with a new 'Summer Sizzler' at the same place on July 13th. I am also going into year 7 of working at Desertfest and the stage I run with Matt from Human Disease is the best its ever been, we have Weedeater headlining this year so pretty much reached the top as far as I am concerned!

As for the label, its starting up again for 2018 with the new Ritual King EP coming out February 23rd and I am looking to do a collaboration with another well known label later in the year for a more than obvious release. More on that once things take shape...

When did you start running When Planet Collide and the reasons why.

WPC started in 2010 as a way to combat 'pay to play' gigs for our scene as there were not many kind promoters around then as there are now. It was also a way of getting GURT onto bills that I wanted to see them on, booking people like Ishmael, Dopefight and Funeral Hag was awesome and got us meeting some of our best friends of today (none of those bands exist anymore though sadly!).

Is it a hard balancing act being part of GURT, running WPC and perhaps enjoying your normal life away from music.

Yes it is very much so sometimes, but I would not EVER change it! I have a great job, am happily married and still have time to do all these other things I love, its always best to keep busy.

I know I’ve asked you this question previously in other interviews I’ve done with you. What is your verdict with the current state of the UK Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal scene. Is it getting easier or harder to participate with the scene.

Its great to see it so healthy, especially when you see all the younger fans at shows and starting bands of a similar style. But the lines are blurred on what you have to sound like to fit in to these very vague sub genres. We have changed a great deal over the years and really consider ourselves just a "UK Heavy Rock" band these days so as long as there is a load of shows that we can play at we are happy to see it all blossom and get involved in the fun.

If you could change anything about the scene. What would it be and the reasons why.

I would like to see more people at shows and buying merch from bands rather than talking about how much they like stuff from behind their computers and complaining about how hungover they are!

Before you go do you have anything to say to your legion of GURT fans out there.

YES!! WE love you all, we have some exciting plans this year and make sure you come see us, come say hi, buy some shirts, drink some beers and lets all have a great positive 2018 full of kisses and wonders xx

Words by Steve Howe and Gareth Kelly

Thanks to Gareth for doing this interview. Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for arranging this interview.

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When Planets Collide Links

Iron Moth - The Kill Room Journal (EP Review)

Release date: 06th January 2018. Label: Goatlordth Records. Format: CD/DD

The Kill Room Journal – Tracklisting

1.The Hastie Fire (Peter Dinsdale) 04:51
2.The Burial Chamber 04:41
3.The Kill Room Journal 05:30
4.I, Satan 07:27
5.The Abyss of Cruelty 04:46


Vocals - Madec
Guitar/Sampler/Noise - Aizat Tarmizi
Guitar/Vocals - Khian
Bass - Man
Drums – Panjang


Iron Moth is a very nasty sounding Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their debut EP – The Kill Room Journal – offers a nightmarish heavy doom/sludge metal sound. Perhaps taking influence from Church Of Misery but with a more disturbing presence. The band also take influence from Weedeater, Electric Wizard and Bongzilla.

Iron Moth take a NO HOLDS BARRED approach with everything on their EP. The whole theme and atmosphere of the EP is scary as hell with Madec's vocals staying firmly within the more extreme style of death based growls. The music does have it's fair share of depressing Stoner riffs but they're buried under an avalanche of heavier sludge/doom metal sounds.

The standout songs on the EP have to be The Hastie Fire (Peter Dinsdale), The Kill Room Journal and I, Satan. As they're perhaps the heaviest songs on the EP and where the band show the most creativity with the lyrics and music.

Looking at the band's biography, these guys are seasoned pros who have played in a wide range of different bands and genres. I haven't came across many Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal bands from Kuala Lumpur but I hope their equally as good as Iron Moth.

The production is what surprised me the most as I was expecting a lo-fi/DIY sound. However this sounds impressive from the start. As the EP sounds superb and it really comes alive when the heavier sounds appear.

The Kill Room Journal is a very nasty sounding piece of work and should go down a storm with the Doom/Sludge Metal community. Iron Moth are defnitiely a band to look out for in the future. Let's see what misery they will bring on future records. Until then The Kill Room Journal is ready to claim your soul!!!

Words by Steve Howe


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GURT - SKULLOSSUS (Album Review)

Release date: May 01st 2017. Label: When Planets Collide. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

SKULLOSSUS  – Tracklisting

1.Welcome to the Shit Show 01:15
2.Gimme the Night, Any Day 06:04
3.Battlepants 04:14
4.Double Barrelled Shot-pun 03:19
5.The Crotch Wobbler 05:25
6.Existence is Pain 01:46
7.Broken Heart Heroin Man 01:22
8.Meowing at the Fridge 04:01
9.Jon Garseeya Later 04:41
10.The Ballad of Tom Stones and Reg Montagne (Part 1) 05:24
11.The Ballad of Tom Stones and Reg Montagne (Part 2) 02:15


Gareth Kelly - Growth - Mouth.
Rich Williams - Sedulurt - Riffmonster.
Dave Blakemore - Spice - Bassmaster.
Bill Jacobs - The Scorpion - Bashing.


UK Sludge/Doom Metallers GURT released their latest album SKULLOSSUS last year. I missed it first time round and I apologize to the band not reviewing their album when it came out originally.

SKULLOSSUS is perhaps darker than their previous album. The vocals from Gareth are perhaps slightly more menacing and the riffs can be very progressive at times. It's still good to see GURT's dark sense of humour living on through their song titles and some of the lyrics contained on the album.

The album has quite a heavy NOLA Sludge presence especially on songs such as: “Gimme The Night, Any Day”, Battlepants, The Crotch Wobbler, Meowing At The Fridge and the sublime two part epic – The Ballad of Tom Stones and Reg Montagne.

I admire GURT's drive and tenacity on creating a heavier style of Doom/Sludge Metal that goes against their earlier “Party-Doom” releases. Underneath the crazy song titles, GURT have unleashed a nightmarish style of Doom/Sludge sounds with some nasty riffs waiting to be discovered. The instrumental work is very precise with the band playing different styles of Sludge/Doom Metal throughout the album.

The production is very good indeed as GURT sound like they mean business here. It can be quite theatrical at times but the album has it's fair share of depressing sounding moments as well. GURT always try to bridge the gap between dark humour and playing a more realistic sound compared to other bands within the UK Doom/Sludge Metal scene.

SKULLOSSUS even sees GURT venture into DIY PUNK style riffs on certain parts of the album. I will admit I wasn't expecting to enjoy this album at all. I don't know why as I've always enjoyed GURT's music. And boy was I wrong. As SKULLOSSUS works on so many different levels. Though the main one for me is that this album will ENTERTAIN THE SHEER FUCKING HELL OUT OF YOU!!!

This album won't be for everyone. However if you're a fan of bands such as Weedeater and Dopethrone then GURT will be the band for you to party into the night and piss-off your neighbours with.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

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An Interview With Jessie May from OWL MAKER

I first came across Owl Maker when I received their promo the other month. I give it a listen and I was impressed by Owl Maker's take on the classic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal sound. Taking influence from the legendary 70s era of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, Owl Maker weave a more modern sounding take with great vocals from Simon Tuozolli.

Simon receives excellent support from Jessie May on Bass and Chris Anderson on Drums.

Their debut EP – Paths Of The Slain will be released digitally on March 16th 2018. I'll be reviewing this EP within the next couple of weeks. 

Until then you can read this interview with Jessie May who provides OWL MAKER with the heavy thumping bass that helps define the bands sound.

OWL MAKER are ones to look out for.

Hi Jessie. Thanks for doing this interview. How are things with you today?

Good! Got the day off from work for Presidents Day, can't beat that.

Before we discuss your new EP, can you give a brief overview of how the band formed and where it is today?

Owl Maker is based in Southern Connecticut. We formed in the summer/fall of 2016 and played our first show a little less than a year ago. Simon, Chris, and I had all played in the same circles for a long time, so it was just a matter of time until the three of us got our own band together.

Why did you choose Owl Maker as the name for your band?

I'm a school librarian, and I had just ordered a new set of mythology reference books around the time the band was brainstorming for a name. I started flipping through the Native American one and came across Owl Maker: the Lakota crone goddess who guards the Sky Road, which is the entrance to the land of the dead. If you have the wrong tattoos, she casts you back down to earth! Pretty metal.

What's interesting is that I can't find too much more information about her, beyond what is in the encyclopedia. Any sources I find on the web don't add anything new, so Owl Maker is a bit mysterious. I will have to continue my research...

How would you describe your overall sound?

I've been told that our music is hard to put in a subgenre -- but if I had to pick one, I'd just say heavy metal. Our drummer Chris comes from a death metal background, while I've spent a lot of time playing rock and folk in addition to metal. I also enjoy listening to stoner metal a lot.

Our frontman/guitarist is a professional musician and audio engineer -- Simon is probably best known for his work as one half of the occult metal duo Vestal Claret. So you put all those musical backgrounds together with the occasional gratuitous Moog riff, and you get.... Owl Maker.

You’re about to release your debut EP – Paths Of The Slain. What can people expect from the record?

Variety! Songs like "Ride with Aileen" and "99" are more rock n roll, while "Freya's Chariot" definitely takes a page from Amon Amarth in terms of riffs, drumming, and subject matter. "Witches" mixes hardcore punk with some Wicca and Sabbath-worship. And as for "Mashiara" and "Lady Stoneheart," you'll have to tell me! Although we are a "male-fronted" band (buwahahahaha....), most of our songs are from a female narrator's perspective.

What is the main theme of the record?

Sticking it to The Man in all his guises.

Who is releasing the EP and what formats is the album being released upon?

That's to be determined. One way or another, it will be out digitally on March 16th; we plan to do a physical release in late spring or summer. Updates will be posted on our Facebook page.

What influenced you when writing and recording the record?

Our songs take inspiration from literature, mythology, and history -- although sometimes it's our own spin on things. Like in the song "Mashiara," which is based on characters from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, the narrator in the song has pretty much the opposite take on his situation than the same character in the book.

Also, I was getting divorced while I was writing most of Paths of the Slain and the material that will (hopefully) be on a subsequent release... There are no songs that are specifically about personal feelings, but that experience has definitely woven a few threads into our music.

Was recording the EP an easy or hard experience?

Easy for me and Chris -- probably harder for Simon because he was the one recording it! Simon also added a lot in terms of guitar and vocal harmonies, so I think it was a bit of "writing in the studio" for him. Then we sent the EP to Arthur Rizk to mix and master, so Simon got a break lol.

What is the song-writing method in the band? Is it a group collective or down to one individual?

It's collective. I write the lyrics and what I see as a bass/rhythm guitar part. Chris and I finalize the arrangement and then pass it along to Simon, who writes a bunch of guitar wizardry and vocal melodies. He also edits and adds to the lyrics where needed. I think of it as a situation where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

I should also note that our friend Christopher Baldwin wrote the lyrics for "Lady Stoneheart" -- he is in a punk band with Simon and me called Jimmy Junk Bird and the Stiffs. It was fun to have him collaborate with us on that because he is such an imaginative writer, and he occasionally lends us his wacky vocal stylings when we perform that song at shows.

Do OWL MAKER play gigs and tour often, or do you just focus on your local musical scene?

At the moment we are focusing on local and regional shows. It would be great to have the opportunity to travel; we'll have to see how we can make that feasible.

What is your local musical scene like? Are there lots of places for you to play to the masses?

A lot? No. Unfortunately, many metal-friendly venues in Connecticut have closed over the past decade. Luckily, there are a few steadfast holdouts like Cherry Street Station in Wallingford and Cook's Cafe in Naugatuck that continue to support original metal -- and there are a few across the state that don't exclusively cater to a hard rock/metal crowd, but are willing to host a metal night once in awhile if they know you can pack the place.

I'm also hearing about a lot more underground/DIY shows lately -- in fact, my friend Quinn hosts a monthly punk and metal concert series in a Stamford piano store! No lie! When times are tough, people get creative....

Do you have an advanced setup or basic setup when performing live and recording in the studio?

Our setup for performances is pretty basic -- we don't use a backing track or anything, so what you see live is much more raw than what you will hear on the EP. As far as recording in the studio, I can't tell ya what's in there but it's what Simon does for a living -- so probably pretty "advanced" lol. I'm the wrong person to ask though, I just show up and grab his Fender Jazz Bass! You can read more about the studio gear here.

If you could have been a member of any band (regardless of genre), which band would you be a part of and the reasons why?

Oh man, that's a tough question.... This is not a definitive answer, but I think it would be awesome to play with Zeal & Ardor. As a folk music nerd, I love Manuel Gagneux's interpretation of Delta Blues. To take African-American music that reflects such an evil part of American history (slavery, Jim Crow...) and meld it with music that is thought of as "evil" but practically never associated with African-Americans is really giving the finger to The Man in a lot of different ways. Plus, the dude is half Swiss! Middle fingers all around, and killer music...

Will you guys be recording a full length album later this year, or it too early to tell?

Too early to tell. At the moment we've got three songs written and one "in the chamber." I wanna write one or two more and just bang out another EP, but Chris says we should suck it up and put out a full-length! I guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it...

Thanks for doing this interview. Before you go do you have anything to say to your fans? Best of luck with the new EP.

First of all, Steve, thank YOU for taking the time to check out our material and interview the band. I know this is a labor of love for most of us....

To all our fans (or future fans?!), find us on Facebook and Instagram - @owlmakermetal -- for news about Paths of the Slain and future releases.

Thank you for supporting underground metal

Written by Steve Howe and Jessie May

Thanks to Jessie May for doing this interview. Thanks to Curtis at Dewar PR for arranging this interview. Paths Of The Slain will be released digitally on March 16th 2018

A Fan's Perspective - An Interview With Michael William Petry

I wanted to try something different with the interviews I normally do. Over the years I've interviewed bands, record label owners, PR Reps and Gig Promoters. I want to talk to a real fan from the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal community. Get their thoughts on the scene in general.

The fan is perhaps the most important part of any band or scene needed to survive upon.

If this interview is received well by our readers I will interview a few more folks within the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal scene.

My first interview subject is Michael William Petry. Michael has been an active supporter of Outlaws Of The Sun from the start. He's actively supported my work and the work of many other great blogs and websites currently out there.

Michael is a huge fan of the Doom/Sludge and Stoner Metal scene. Some of you maybe friends with Michael on Facebook. As he's an active supporter of many great bands.

Enjoy the interview....

Hi Michael. Thanks for doing this. How did you become a fan of the Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal scene.

Well I first heard Kyuss at school, 1997 specifically and then bought all their albums. There was a guy in town with a pop-up CD shop. He had all the killer imports like all the Man’s Ruin stuff. So I just got most of the cool ones he had. And then went online and found

Which bands did you start supporting or following first.

Alice In Chains, Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Tool, Datura, Melvins, Brant Bjork

Do you still love these bands to the current day.

Absolutely yeah. AIC and Kyuss are still my top 2. And the others are always on regular rotation.

Who are your favourite bands/artists to listen to this day.

Kyuss, Brant Bjork, Fu Manchu, Mastodon, Tool, Deftones, Alice In Chains. So many more I could list but those would be the ones I would consider my favourites. Anything with a great riff or some heavy.

In your own words what’s it like being a fan in today’s Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal community.

It’s very cool with the way social media works that I can share and chat with other fans worldwide. And I love that a lot of the bands in the genre are great to interact with online too. To get that connection with the bands is something I love about the community. The fans all around the globe seem to be the coolest people for the most part.

Any advantages or disadvantages supporting the music we love and know.

Advantages are the community is so cool worldwide. Disadvantages for me probably just the cost of vinyl shipping to NZ and along with that not many of the bands tour here.

You’re very active supporting a high amount of bands and blogs within the community. Do you find it a struggle keeping up with everything. Or do you have your favourite websites to find the latest news and reviews.

Not too much of a struggle I suppose with the number of blogs, social media pages etc. I follow some great blogs like yours for example, Echoes & Dust, The Obelisk, Doomed & Stoned and various Facebook groups/pages.

What is your preferred choice of listening to music. CD, Digital, Cassette, Vinyl, Mini-Disc.

Definitely digital just for the convenience of my lifestyle. But clearly you can’t beat the sound of vinyl.

Do you buy a lot of physical music or do you just buy Digital Downloads.

These days I only really buy physical copies of a handful of my favourite bands. My CD collection is in the hundreds so at some point I called it easier to just purchase digitally for the most part.

You’ve been to a lot of great gigs over the years. What have been your favourite gigs that you’ve attended
Kyuss Lives, I was front row at the sold out show in Auckland. Brant Bjork, each time was awesome but the 2nd one in 2014 stands out because that was the first time I met my hero. QOTSA (front row again), Tool with Melvins, Mastodon, Fu Manchu with Brant on drums, Them Crooked Vultures, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Heaven & Hell with Down.


You’ve met a few of your musical heroes as well. Who have been your favourite bands/artists that you’ve met in real life.

Definitely Brant Bjork, he was just very cool and super great to chat to. All of the guys in his band line-ups were the same. Meeting Zakk Wylde was also very memorable.

You’re from New Zealand which has a great reputation in giving the world some fantastic Doom/Stoner Metal bands such as BEASTWARS, Triumphs, Arc Of Ascent, The House Of Capricorn, Bloodnut and many others that I’ve forgot to mention. What is the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal scene like there for a fan. Do you get to see many gigs in your part of the country. Do you travel further afield to see gigs.

The scene here is great. There is always a great buzz at the gigs because we only get a select few to attend. And there is a lot of fans that will travel quite far to see the gigs too. Like me, there is very rarely an international band playing a gig in my city. But Arc Of Ascent are from here so that is a positive. Not that they play here very often anyway. I have to travel 1.5 hours to Auckland which is where most of the gigs happen.

Do many international bands/artists tour New Zealand on a regular basis. Or is it only on rare occasions. As I know more and more bands are touring Australia at the moment. Do you wish they would visit New Zealand as well to perform gigs.

I would say there is a decent international rock/metal band here just about every month. As far as the Doom/Sludge/Stoner scene though we don’t get all that many. Maybe on a decent year we would get 10 great gigs, which usually are the ones that are touring Australia but some of them do skip New Zealand.

I know you have your normal daily life to contend with. Young family and your job. How hard is it for you to listen to music.

I’ve always got to start the day with some great tunes so I do always have my iPhone or MP3 player in my pocket with music loaded. And I do listen on my drive to and from work. I can’t listen during work time only on breaks which I hate because there is so much great stuff to listen to.

Well Michael. Thanks for doing this interview. Much appreciated. I want to thank you for your never-ending support over the last few years or so.

Words by Steve Howe and Michael William Petry

Thanks to Michael for taking the time out to do this interview.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

THAL - Reach For The Dragon's Eye (Album Review)

Release date: 16th February 2018. Label: Argonauta Records. Format: CD/DD

Reach For The Dragon's Eye – Tracklisting

1.Rebreather 06:40
2.Under Earth 02:57
3.Her Gods Demand War 06:01
4.Thoughtform 03:48
5.Soulshank 05:55
6.Death of the Sun 04:41
7.Punish 03:20
8.Reach For The Dragon's Eye 04:58


John "Vince Green" Walker - Vocals, Guitars and Bass
Kevin Hartnell - Drums, Guitars and Synth


A lot of things have changed for THAL since their debut album. Newly expanded to two members now and newly signed to Argonauta Records. THAL's new - Reach For The Dragon's Eye - is a more aggressive sounding Stoner Metal album with the band adapting Kyuss/DOWN style Stoner Metal sounds with a classic Heavy Metal approach. THAL are confident from the start with the heavy layered sounds offering a different kind of Psychedelic Desert Rock journey.

The whole journey of the album is one of steel-eyed confidence with the Stoner Metal riffs portraying a band at ease with their own sound. Opening track - Rebreather - is my favourite song on the album as it opens with a cool psychedelic desert/stoner metal riff before John's vocals appear and take you back to the Stoner Metal scene of the nineties where Kyuss and Fu Manchu reigned supreme.

To THAL's credit they manage to create their own style and deliver a more modern sounding hard rock. The other seven songs on the album easily match the addictive vibes of the opening song. The lyrics on the album are superbly written and realised when matched against the heavy stoner metal sounds. As THAL aren't afraid to experiment with their sound. One moment you could be enjoying a straight-forward Stoner Metal riff and then THAL opt for a heavier Grunge/Garage Rock style of music.

The second song - Under Earth - sees THAL adapt a more classic sounding Thin Lizzy approach with their music. Though it's more distorted with the whole atmosphere being slightly dirtier than you originally expect. THAL embrace the sound of 70s Doom Rock in a big way on songs such as Her Gods Demand War, Thoughtform and Death Of The Sun.

If you ever wondered what Kyuss would sound like adapting a classic seventies rock sound then Reach For The Dragon's Eye would be that album. The overall sound of Reach For The Dragon's Eye is very diverse and makes for a bold and superbly entertaining album.

The instrumental work is a major step-up from their debut album and could help THAL establishing their reputation even further within the Stoner Metal scene.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to NeeCee Agency for the promo. The album is available to buy on DD/CD now via Argonauta Records.


Album Premiere Of Nick Olivieri's NO HITS AT ALL Vol 4 (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Here it is, folks! The last episode of the “N.O. Hits At All” compilations, that put together the very best as well as some exclusive, unreleased tracks from NICK OLIVERI’s numerous projects and collaborations over 20 years of career. It will land on February 23rd through HPS Records.

Following the successful issuing of his “N.O. Hits At All Vol.1“, “N.O. Hits At All Vol.2” and “N.O. Hits At All Vol. 3” compiling rare an unreleased songs from his numerous projects and collaborations over the past 25 years (QOTSA, Dwarves, Kyuss Lives!, Death Acoustic, Winnebago Deal, Royale Deamons with Wino and Joey Castillo…), 

NICK OLIVERI returns next February 23rd with the final episode of the series, comprising tracks by The Dwarves, Death Acoustic, Rattlin’ Bones and Loading Data!


1. “WALK ON” (written by The Uncontrollable)
2. “IDENTIFY, ISOLATE, MANIPULATE” (written by biblical proof of UFOs)
3. “ENDLESS VACATION” (written by Ramones and performed by DEATH ACOUSTIC)
4. “HANGING LOW” (written By Loading Data)


1. “FUCK YOU UP AND GET HIGH” (written by The Dwarves)
2. “SUPER HERO” (written by He Who Can Not Be Named)
3. “DONT BELIEVE” (written by Rattlin’ Bones)
4. “SUSY IS A HEADBANGER” (written by Ramones)

The good folks at Heavy Psych Sounds and Purple Sage PR have arranged you to hear this bad-boy in all it's colourful glory. The last chapter in this greatest hits story from one of Stoner Rock's true renegades.

You can buy N.O. Hits At All Vol 4 from Heavy Psych Sounds now

Thanks to Heavy Psych Sounds and Purple Sage PR for the promo.